James Clifton I'm James Clifton, lead designer (and manager/owner) of the games here on the cliftonbazaar network.

I started playing games in the late 80's with a Commodore 64; my favorite games were 'Wizards Crown', 'Phantasy' series and the AD&D gold box series.
There was also a game called 'Wizadry'(?) where you were a ball bouncing around shooting opponents and gained spells to give you more control over your movements (wow!, that was differant concept now that I think about it!).

In the early 90's I wrote (but didn't draw, as I'm not an artist) a comic book called 'Captain Koala' (which you can buy through the LULU book store to support this network); I'm hoping to have a graphic novel, of the first ten issues, out by the end of 2015 :)

In the mid 90's I discovered the Internet and Diablo (now that was a combination!); at the same time I discovered Civilization 2 and loved it. Civilization 3 came out and I loved that. Then civilization 4 came out - wow - I think I spent about 3-4 THOUSAND hours on that game (my highest scores can be seen on civfanatics.com for those that play it, search for the name 'cliftonbazaar' on the HOF section). Note that I loved Diablo 2 (played it with the kids for hours) and then when Diablo 3 came out we didn't like it :(

Then in 2001-2004 I went to university in Brisbane, Australia (QUT) and NEARLY finished my I.T degree; unfortunately financial constraints made me leave to find work :(

I was playing 'Magic the Gathering' around this time so I decided to trade in Magic cards on ebay; I also ended up trading in 'Star Wars miniatures' on ebay as well. At this time I met my future wife and I couldn't make enough money to support her and her family so I got a job driving heavy machinery (which I still have to this day!).

So currently I am operating machinery and designing games; currently I have 8 note books crammed with notes, and while I realise that not every idea will be a winner I hope to make some games that people will enjoy playing!